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Documentary Filmmaking

Working with a fantastic team at the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program we were able to help them complete their vision of a 30-minute documentary that ties together the oral history of Dauphin Island with barrier island and sea level rise science.

You can watch the entire Flight of the Frigate Bird: An Omen of Rising Seas at

Whatever it takes to get the story

Cobia Digital is ready to travel internationally for your project. For this video on the work done on a New York Community Trust grant to the The Association of National Estuary Programs we traveled to Puerto Rico, and worked with an established filmmaker in New York.

Animation and Message Crafting

Working with the City of Daphne and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management we produced a short video based on a stormwater and pollution curriculum to show teens and young adults. This is a great example of how with video you can compact a large amount of material into a relatively short amount of time. In this situation, an hour-long curriculum was reduced to 8 minutes.


Landscape, portrait, corporate, and pet photography.


Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

Video Production, Photography, Web Maintenance, Web Design

Greene & Phillips
Injury Lawyers

Website, Video, Commercial Editing, Court Media Prep

Rogers & Willard, Inc. Builders

Timelapse Construction Video
3d Home Tour

Here’s Life Africa

Video Production, Photography

City of Daphne

Video Production

Rogers & Willard, Inc. Builders

Timelapse Construction Video
3d Home Tour

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