1-13 No Rest For The Wicked – 3rd-5th Grade UMS-Wright

Creative Dance Center Spring 2022 Dance Recital, “Sleeping Beauty.” UMS-Wright 3rd-5th present No Rest For The Wicked, a jazz performance.

Mary-Hartely Marks, Louise Landers, Cate Fountain, Haynes Lewis, Lucy Hicks, Jules Vickers, Frances Stabler, Sally Dodson, Catherine Spivey, Libby Smallwood, Anne Deas, Kate Muscat, Ella McMahon, Madison Phan, Appie McMurphy, Matti Mitchell, Ava Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Hanes, Mary Katherine Meador, Jane Zundel, Elizabeth Poole, Ann Colleen Erwin, Jeanie Jeffrey, Ellie March Dodd, Annie Cook, Elizabeth Howell, Mary Helen Colvin, Mary Frances Gipson, Audrey Howard, Maggie Lenz, Liza Sanders, Evie Planchard, Allison Holderer

Featuring: Madalyn Crain as Maleficent